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About Walter

I'm rarely accused of trying to make things simple... and I'm not sure I'll achieve the goal of trying to do so with this site! I certainly have no visions of Internet Fame--just a place that contains a "potpourri" of items that will perhaps be of interest to others. If you've stumbled onto this page looking for real estate information, you'll want to visit boomsmaonline.com  --that's where you'll find my blog and real estate information.

About Walter's Writing

Some published, some not (unless you count published here)... based both on a need to express myself and, occasionally, an invitation or opportunity from the media. I really am looking for a publisher who's interested in a weekly column on any subject I feel inclined to write about.

About Walter's Teaching

With over thirty years of experience conducting workshops, seminars and courses, chances are you'll find something of interest here!

About Chester High School

Alas, "Dear Ole Chester High" is no more... but the Chester High School Alumni Association keeps the memories alive. Definitely a page or two here for Blue Devils.



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